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Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

Ten Steps hospitals are encouraged to take to help you breastfeed successful.

Breastfeeding and Insurance

Breastfeeding supplies and support are now covered by insurance.

Maternal Mental Health

Postpartum Depression affects hundreds of Utah mothers every year. Learn about the signs and treatments available today.

Breastfeeding and Contraceptives

Wondering how contraceptives affect breastfeeding?

Newborn Safe Haven

Are you hiding your pregnancy? A Utah state law provides a secret, safe haven for your newborn.

Immunizations During Pregnancy

Changes to a pregnant woman's immune system can make you more sensitive to the flu. You should get the flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Winter Travel During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Moms can help avoid exposure to Zika virus and birth defects when traveling to warmer places.

Affordable Care Act and You

Your health insurance now pays for preventive health care services at no cost to you.

Herbs and Supplements During Pregnancy

What you should know about using herbs and supplements during pregnancy.

Anemia During Pregnancy

What is anemia and why is it common during pregnancy?