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In 1987, the Utah Department of Health began a program of expanded prenatal health care services and outreach called Baby Your Baby. The goal was to reduce Utah’s infant mortality rate by helping women get early and repeated prenatal care. To accomplish this, the Department joined forces with KUTV, the CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, along with public and private agencies. A 1-800 statewide hotline was established to provide information on referral sources, give financial information, and answer questions relating to different aspects of prenatal and well-child care. Today, Baby Your Baby is one of the most recognized brand names in Utah. The program enjoys a popularity and goodwill among the public that is unmatched by any other public service campaign. The BYB message is spread through television, radio, social media and print.

Baby Your Baby is a cooperative effort between the Utah Department of Health, Intermountain Healthcare and KUTV. The program was designed to provide helpful information for parents and their children. From financial help to preparing for pregnancy, Baby Your Baby has the answers you are looking for.

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