Breastfeeding – Getting Started

Breast milk is the best food you can give your baby during his or her first year of life. This link will help answer your questions about breastfeeding so you can help give your baby a healthy start.

Breastfeeding – At Work or at School

Many mothers worry that breastfeeding will keep them at home. That is simply not the case. Learn how you can still give your baby the best nutrition possible after you return to work or school.

Breastfeeding and Your Nutrition

Your body needs healthy foods to help you keep up with baby’s needs and to help in your recovery after childbirth. Use this information as a guide when planning your menu and grocery list each week.

Activity After Pregnancy

Your body has just gone through a great deal of change. Don’t expect to get back to your “normal” weight or your favorite pair of jeans right away. However, daily moderate physical activity will help you sleep better, feel better, get into your “regular” clothes faster, and cope with the new levels of stress in your life.

Emotional Reactions

As your body changes during pregnancy and birth, your emotions are bound to be “topsy-turvy” at times. There are many organizations to help new parents cope with stress and the confusing emotions that sometimes follow the birth of a child.