Baby should never go to bed with a bottle that has breast milk, formula, juice, or other drinks. This can lead to a full mouth of cavities.

Babies who sleep with a bottle can increase their attachment to the bottle and increase their risk of ear infections.

You should always clean your baby’s teeth after his or her last bottle-feed and before he or she goes to sleep.

If your baby must sleep with a bottle, only put water in it.

Steps to no more bottle:

  • Warn your little one 2 – 3 days before that you’ll be stopping the bottle use at bedtime and overnight. Remind your child several times each day that, in 2 or 3 days, it will be time to sleep without his or her bottle.
  • Help your child build a positive connection with the new routine to help with this change. For example: reading a special book before bed will replace the bottle for your child.
  • Stop the bottle on the appointed day. Remind your little one that this is the day he or she won’t have a bottle at bedtime. Your child may become upset, but remain calm to comfort him or her. By giving extra snuggles to ease this change to their bedtime routine. Expect some fussing during the first few nights after removing the bottle. Your child should accept it after a short time.