Tummy time is an important part of an infant’s development. Since babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), babies need time on their tummies to develop strong muscles to roll over and crawl.

Benefits for Baby

Tummy time helps babies develop neck and shoulder muscles that help with turning over and crawling. Tummy time also helps cognitive development as infants look around and learn.

Infants can be placed on their tummies for a few minutes to start. As they get older and develop more strength, they can be on their tummies longer. Eventually, they will learn to roll over and crawl.

Beginning Tummy Time

Parents can get down on the baby’s level and talk and play with them. Parents can try tummy time with diaper changes or as part of play when they are awake and alert.

Parents can try tummy time, talking and playing with baby, for a few minutes and gradually extend it longer as baby is comfortable. Make sure that objects don’t get in the way of movement and breathing. When baby is tired, remember to put baby on his or her back to rest or sleep.

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