We want to remind women, if they are unable to care for their newborn, there are other options such as adoption and the Utah Newborn Safe Haven Law. The law allows mom to drop off her newborn at any 24/7 hospital, no questions asked, no police.

Where can moms drop off their newborn?

In Utah, hospitals are the only place newborns can be dropped off because there are trained staff available to care for the baby. Some fire stations in rural areas have volunteers and no one is at the fire station 24/7 so we don’t want newborns left where no one can find them for days or weeks.

With mom’s permission, someone else can also drop off the newborn.

Mom can also deliver, safely, in the hospital and then relinquish the newborn.

The hospital staff have been trained in what to do and they will accept and care for the newborn baby.

What happens to the baby once they are dropped off?

There are often questions about how to adopt a newborn. The baby will be adopted through the foster care system by a loving family. Families wanting to adopt a baby can contact Utah Foster Care to learn how to become a foster parent.

We will never know how many babies are saved because mom talked to someone and found other options such as adoption.

If parents have older children and need a short break, there are crisis and respite nurseries that can help.

We hope people will help us spread the word so we can keep babies safe and prevent future tragedies of leaving newborns in unsafe locations.

For more information, visit www.utahsafehaven.org.